Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Organized Update!

I am thrilled to say I have found my mind, my license, my new remote AND my insurance papers! Yay!!!

My Daily Affirmation!

SO on Tuesday February 24th I had a gut sucking terrible day. I was stuck in traffic somewhere and was low on hope. I needed to do something to bring myself up again. So I decided to write a new affirmation for myself.

My name is Rhonda Dahlgren
I am strong, brave and smart.
I am working for my family and our dreams.
Helping other sharp women working on the same.
I am DIQ, it is seminar you know!
Walking on stage, just look at me glow.

So between my affirmation and walking in faith not fear I am doing super good!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Organized My Ass!

I find it slightly amusing that I am hired and paid to organize other peoples offices. And I am really good at it. BUT...

I have got to be THE most unorganized person some days!! I may have sunk my organizing business ship with the previous statement.

I spent the whole morning tearing apart my house to find my drivers licence and insurance information. Do you think I can find the damn thing? Nope...

Things I need to find today:
  • My mind
  • My new tv remote
  • Licence
  • Insurance papers.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I have not been doing it. Living life like I mean it that is. What have I been doing? I have been sitting around waiting. Waiting for all my lights to turn green, my husband to get with the program, my house to be clean enough, the laundry to be put away, my stationary just perfect, social life to slow down, my hair to look good, my face to clear up, to loose weight, to find a sitter, for warmer weather, colder weather, money, the right time of day, the right day of the week, new years day...

You get the picture.

Today it stops. My life took a turn today. I don't have the option of waiting for all of the above to be green.

Today is the day that I start to "Live Life Like I Mean it'. No more waiting...